Your Logo: Your Statement

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How important is a good logo?

It’s sort of hard to quantify. But it doesn’t take a branding expert to recognize that a quality logo matters in the life of a business or organization. A brief stroll through Time Square demonstrates that companies are willing to spend millions simply to get their company logo in front of consumers.

As a summarized single statement of an idea, your logo serves to tell people who you are without them ever having to investigate who you are. It represents you as a company or organization and it is often the first point of contact with your clientele.

What does this mean practically for your small business or organization?

  • If your logo looks dated, you look dated
  • If your logo looks cheap, you look cheap
  • If your logo doesn’t match your company,
    • You don’t look like you understand your business, OR
    • You don’t look honest about who you really are
  • If your logo is not consistent, you don’t look stable

So what makes a good logo a good logo?

Jacob Cass boils it down to these five elements.

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Versatile
  • Appropriate

If your logo does not match your product or is difficult to use in multiple applications, it may be time for an upgrade. If you’re looking to make a new one, it is important to take a good, introspective look at your business or organization to determine what you want it to say and how valuable a quality logo is to you in order to make that statement.

What do you think makes a good logo?

Why do we call it a logo?

(geek alert!) Logo comes from the Greek word “logos” or “λόγοs.” It is the most basic expression of an idea. It is usually translated “word,” but it can also be translated as “thing,” “matter,” “subject,” or “statement.”