Drawing Power

Does your website seem to be lacking that drawing power? Continued from the last article, here are more key questions to ask yourself in order to transform your website from a caution into a beacon.

  1. How many ads are on your page?

Would the “Field of Dreams” have been as magical if there were a used car lot with large neon signs right next to it? Probably not.

In the Nielsen Company’s 2014 Trust In Advertising Report, they show that consumers trust almost all forms of advertising more than they trust online banner ads.

Maximize your magic by minimizing the ads and placing them on your webpage so that they are not the major focus.

  1. Is it easy to find your way around your page?

A nice corn maze might have been an attractive, family-friendly addition to the “Field of Dreams,” but it probably would not have made a good entrance. You can increase site sales and participation just by having a simple and clear site navigation structure.

“The golden rule of navigation is this: Think through your site’s setup as if you were your own customer. If you were totally new to your website, how would you expect to find the information organized? What steps would you take to find the information that [will]answer your questions? Rearrange your navigation to take your user’s needs into account.”[1]

There are even services that can help you do this!

[1] http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/why-people-leave-your-website