If You Build It, They Will NOT Just Come…Or Stay

By July 15, 2015E-Ideas
A Beacon or a Caution?

You have erected your new website. You can now touch the world. You will now make a difference everywhere. Your site will be a beacon on the internet! You will call all to subscribe to your products and services! …Yet, you haven’t had very much traffic, and the traffic you have had hasn’t subscribed to much of anything, really. How can this be?

Could it be that your beacon is really a caution? How can you tell? How can you turn your website into the symbol of hope you want it to be? Consider the following questions about your website that might just be dimming its guiding light.

  1. Is Your Web Design Suspicious?

Yet another study has demonstrated that consumer choices about websites are related to web design. But this study links design not just to the attractiveness of your website, but to whether or not consumers actually trust your website. In the few seconds it takes for consumers to form judgments about sites, you might be throwing up red flags that send them away!

What are these red flags?! Derek Halpern of “Social Triggers” provides a helpful summary and other helpful resources.

  1. Is Your Web Page Legible?

Though bursting with the genius of Einstein or the profundity of Plato, if they cannot read it, they certainly will not stay. So when it comes to readability, you’ll need to remember two things: clarity and size.

For clarity, which means that the eyes can easily distinguish what is happening on the page, here is a helpful guide. For size, which means that the eyes can easily capture the words on the page, a “less is more” approach would not be helpful. Sizes 14 or larger help to provide maximum readability, which helps to provide maximum difference-making power.

Stay tuned for Part 2 and more questions!